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The balanced scorecard is an output based perspective, with the outputs being in one of four different categories financial, internal business process, knowledge and innovation, and customer.

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Sports Tourism has now become the fastestgrowing sector world wide.

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Sports Illustrated and “60 Minutes” covered tournaments where avid and addicted players, both amateur and professional, traveled the length and breadth of America following big bucks prizes, with the occasional Porsche or Corvette thrown in as an added incentive.

Position your cue ball as close as the rules allow.

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If the ball is declared dead anywhere between the two man rods, it shall be put back into play with a serve by the team that originally served that ball. A ball that is spinning in place is not considered to be a dead ball. A ball that is intentionally made dead in order to advance the ball or reset the time limits shall be given to the opposing team for a re serve example: the two man placing the ball just out of reach in order to re serve the ball. The penalty for illegally putting the ball back into play as in 6. 1 is the opponent's choice of either continuing play from the current position or re serving the ball. This includes the cases where a player either loses the ball or scores on himself before the ball has been put back into play. Time Out Either team may take the full 30 seconds, even if the team that called the time out does not wish to take the full allotment. Either team may switch positions during a time out see 12. A time out called between games shall apply to the following game to be played in counting time outs per game. A player who removes both hands from the handles and turns completely away from the table while the ball is in play shall be considered to have requested a time out. A player can take his hands from the handles to wipe them off before a shot, as long as it doesn't take more than two or three seconds.

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Score big with a bar or game room to watch the big game, or games on one sleek TV or multiple TVs.