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4The 2004 Saudi census puts the number of inhabitants in Najran at around 408,000.

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Foosball Clubs USA, is actively seeking other educators, particularly those who also play foosball, to partner with in developing foosball clubs in their school and community. "Some say that in a sort of spontaneous combustion of ideas, the game erupted in various parts of Europe simultaneously sometime during the 1880s or ’90s as a parlor game. Others say that it was the brainchild of Lucien Rosengart, a dabbler in the inventive and engineering arts who had various patents, including ones for railway parts, bicycle parts, the seat belt and a rocket that allowed artillery shells to be exploded while airborne. Rosengart claimed to have come up with the game toward the end of the 1930s to keep his grandchildren entertained during the winter. Eventually his children’s pastime appeared in cafés throughout France, where the miniature players wore red, white and blue to remind everyone that this was the result of the inventiveness of the superior French mind. There again, though, Alexandre de Finesterre has many followers, who claim that he came up with the idea , being bored in a hospital in the Basque region of Spain with injuries sustained from a bombing raid during the Spanish Civil War.

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Patio guests can take in the sights while enjoying an iced coffee by local Chocolate Fish Roasters, a glass from the wine list, or beers like red label Chimay and a Karl Strauss sour ale made with tamarind and chile.

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