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At the first cup, in 2016, host England won men's and mixed doubles championship, and Australia took the women's title, in Manchester.

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Primitive tent sites and rental cabins are also available.

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Transient accommodations and/or lodging are not considered a home occupation and are prohibited within residential zones.

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Atop three levels of metal scaffolding, a small crowd leans forward on hotel conference chairs, watching a contest that's being taped by a half dozen cameras and broadcast live over the Internet, complete with color commentary.

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The Water Sports Centre Čunovo was built in 1996 on anisland near the mid river end of the Čunovo dam.

Parker said, “Our management approach hasn’t come from studying and reading business books.

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This means that all tasks associated to installing software, ensuring the software's maintenance, as well as training processes so that employees can use the application, will be outsourced to an Internet company.

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This is when an individual can choose from various fun and entertaining games to get amused.

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There is no television nor music, but the patio is the perfect spot to people watch, play foosball, corn hole or ping pong.