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A point scored on an illegal technical shot shall not be allowed, and play shall resume at the spot the technical was called.

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No illegal jarring/tilting of the foosball table note legitimate attempts to 'block' a shot are allowed, but 'random thrashing' is not Play Nice. Put in should be 'through the hole' or go to the midfield of the team who conceded the previous goal. Bounce outs where the ball enters the goal hits the back and comes back out count as goals. Play is restarted as usual from a put in. In the event of the foosball leaving the table, it should be re servedRules Overview:A coin flip shall precede the start of the match. The team that wins the flip has the choice of table side or first serve.

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0 / 5Best Value: Hathaway Hurricane 54" 3/16 in thick mdf cabinet, sturdy legs for great table balance, 3 goalie configurationVery goodLow4.

it may also be done on rough water.

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Solid wood makes the table heavy, stable and durable.

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