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AP Photo/John RabyAlso known as bags, baggo or bean bag toss — maybe even corn toss or soft horseshoes — the goal of this game is to toss bean bags through a fist size 6 in diameter hole.

9 is loss of possession, and the ball shall be served by the opposing forward. The team shall not be charged with a time out. During a time out a player may reach into the play area to spray the rods, wipe the playfield, etc. The ball may be picked up by hand, as long as it is returned to its original position before play is continued. If the ball was in play when the time out was called, the player B must have the assurance that the opposing team is ready before moving the ball. The player must then move the ball from one player figure to another one and then stop the ball for a full second before the motion of a shot or pass may begin.

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Bounce outs where the ball enters the goal hits the back and comes back out count as goals.

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