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5" leg levelers with internal ball return system and ball entry, designed with integrated cup holders and abacus scoring with 4 balls included.

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No spinning defined as the rotation of any figure more than 360 degrees either before or after striking the ball.

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Bounce outs where the ball enters the goal hits the back and comes back out count as goals.

com/expert/Jon E Reed/529597well, we started off with some entertainment of foosball by adie, wy, xc, jovi and chiahau one dollar seven balls!where for a certain round xc and chiahau kena thrashed six one. then cindy adie wy shared this huge popcorn which had the magical power of increasing your popularity and attention from others significantly, and where suat was actually jealous. joshua was attempting to get to the popcorn but failed most of the time, until finally we couldnt finish and he xc jy finished it within seconds. hmm what can i say leh, they are JOSHUA XC AND JIAYAO LEH. after that, spent a relatively long time thinking on where to go, finally decided to go eat free flow of ice cream and drinks at suntec basement there, called just noodles. helped them shift the table so that it was easier to talk. 1. suatteng and who was sitting opposite her, and why xc decided to sit next to her, which then evolved to how suatteng has a 360 degrees radius and everyone was in danger. vincent used those stuff on the table to attempt to create a shield, but we concluded that suatteng was able to do projectile motion and so the shield was too low. 2. WANGYE.

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