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In each 20 second chase, there is one chaser and one evader — names are pretty self explanatory. Whoever wins stays on as the evader, and the losing team must send in a new player to be the chaser. There are four people on each team, and teams get points for every successful evasion. Tags must be made by hand in WCT. The 2018 WCT 3 is Sept. 9 in London.

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184. Pro tip: Test your skills in a four player game of GoldenEye 007 using only throwing knives. It won’t be pretty. but it will be a hell of a good time. Penn Social is basically an adult Chuck E. Cheese’s this cavernous, two story sports bar bombards you with light, sounds, and movement from every direction and angle. You can definitely scratch your gaming itch here: they have board games, shuffleboard, Skee Ball, foosball, Pop A Shot, giant Jenga, and a giant Connect 4 basically, there’s no shortage of ways to not so quietly assert your dominance over your friends and coworkers. While the food is “meh” and there’s occasionally a cover charge on weekends, the drinks are stiff enough and competitively priced for Penn Quarter to keep you loose and the bar in booming business. “SLRP is disrupting the straw industry with ten inch direct to consumer ‘Forever Straws’ harvested and handcrafted from reclaimed Himalayan bamboo, and we’re looking for a Junior Marketing Assistant to join our growing squad!We’re based in a converted shoe cobbler’s studio over a Soul Cycle in Gowanus, and boast an absolutely STOCKED fridge, a wet bar with six local microbrews on tap, and a deck rooftop with stunning views of Manhattan. Not to mention our foosball table!N. b.

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