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Table shuffleboard is a basic game that is played using a long table, a weighted puck and your hands.

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What are recreational games?For starters, let's go over the dictionary definition for it.

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Sometimes material rewards which the students always wished to possess can increase the enthusiasm and energy in them to perform better at every outing. The positive reinforcement in the classroom can help to maintain the discipline and decorum by changing the personality of each student. Positive reinforcement has a clear advantage over punishment in many ways. It has been observed in many cases that though punishment helps to improve the habits and behavior patterns of many children, this is not true in the case of each and every child. Punishment, sometimes can have an opposite effect on the students as they may become rebellious and even more aggressive. Even if punishment succeeds in improving the way of thinking of the students, this change can be temporary and may not last too long.

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Auction based IPOs are different from the traditional IPOs favored by the Wall Street, in which large brokerage houses, and powerful investment banks determine the price of the IPO and who among their list of clients gets shares.