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Thornton, a resident of Portland, Oregon, visited Harold and brought the idea back to the United States and patented it in 1927. But Louis had little success with table football; the patent expired and the game descended into obscurity, no one ever realising the dizzying heights it would scale decades later. The game still doesn’t even have a single set of rules – or one name. You’ve got langirt in Turkey, jouer au baby foot in France, csocso in Hungary, cadureguel schulchan in Israel, plain old table football in the UK, and a world encyclopedia of ridiculous names elsewhere around the globe. The American “foosball” where a player is called a “fooser” borrowed its name from the German version, “fußball”, from whence it arrived in the United States. And, really, you can’t not love a game where they have a table with two teams made up only of Barbie dolls, or that is played in tournaments with such wonderful names as the 10th Annual $12,000 Bart O’Hearn Celebration Foosball Tournament, held in Austin, Texas, in 2009.

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