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Once a team has chosen either the table side or the first serve, they may not change their decision.

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The new book is called the World Table Soccer ALMANAC, and it's a monstrous 708 pages!It has everything!Currently there's a limited time offer for $10 discount on both the hardcover and softcover. Click here for information. August 10, 2006: Bulgarian Foosball: I've been informed that the Bulgarian Table Soccer federation has just been formed!Great to see foosball expanding everywhere!Their new website is , and they even have an English language forum. Good luck guys, and thanks for the note!August 2, 2006: Foosball DVD released: FOOS Be The Greatest The History of American Foosball DVD has just been released!More info at foosmovie. com. Take a look!July 27, 2005: Online foosball updated, join the betatest: The Miniball online foosball game has been upgraded to Miniball2. Miniball2 has just opened a beta test this week, and it goes until August 2005, so be sure to check out their site here. International league play will soon follow thereafter. Feb 4, 2005: Ashlee Simpson Foosball Teen People Magazine is having a Tsunami relief auction for UNICEF, and one of the items up for bid is Ashlee Simpson's personal and autographed foosball table, read more about the fund raiser here. It's a Carrom Graphite Signature table, and the eBay listing closing Feb 14 is here. Oh, and you get her Marc Jacob boots too.

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