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Surrounding us is foosball's top annual showdown, a Santiago de Compostela of table soccer: hundreds of players, dozens of matches, wall to wall tables.

to 11 p. m. is Game Night, which features a slew of drinking games and casino style fun, including trivia, beer pong, Texas hold ‘em, bingo, flip cup, skee ball and much more. Not able to make it down on Wednesday for the debauchery?Luckie’s Tavern expanded in recent years to include the neighboring Luckie’s Liquors, the number one “dive at Live!” which is designed to look like a liquor store and houses 75 different bottled beers. Those looking for a drinking game can take part in the bar’s “Mega Jenga,” featuring a magnanimous Jenga tower. You never know what will happen when visiting this Power Plant staple, but the tavern promises to be a place “Where everyone gets lucky…”Every Monday night at 8 p.

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