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If the ball hits the playfield while any part of the server's hand is in the playing area, the serve shall be considered illegal. This includes any finger used to push the ball through the serving hole. The ball may not be struck by either team following a serve until it has touched the playfield, at which time the ball is considered to be "in play" and the time limits start. Spinning the ball shall be allowed in order to influence the serve, however, no point shall be scored by the serving team unless the ball is struck by one of the serving team's figures. The server must not serve the ball until he has the assurance that the opposing team is ready for play to begin. The server can signify that play is about to begin by tapping the ball on the side of the table.

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This plan contains movements regarding just a 1/2 level, for instance a move coming from 7 to be able to 7.

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