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Panel 10 - Amish Culture

If you need a break from the fast pace of modern 21st century living while visiting our area, enjoy the slower pace of life among our area’s Amish community. The settlement of Amish in our area and in neighboring Holmes and Wayne counties is the largest in the world. Horse-drawn buggies and wagons, Amish children walking to and from school, windmills and shocks of grain standing in a field are common sights as you travel the roads in and around town. Barn-raisings, weddings, funerals, quiltings, and auctions/sales are occasions for large gatherings of those faithful to the Amish beliefs of simple living, hard work, plain clothes, loyalty to God and non-conformity to modern ways of life. While here, visit the authentic 1869 Amish home of John Yoder or pick up a copy of The Budget, a weekly newspaper written for Amish communities not only in this area but also across America. The pattern of the quilt pictured on the barn is called Solomon’s Trail or Drunkard’s Path. Amish quilts usually are of solid colors and done on dark backgrounds. Can you find the hitching post?