Community Arts Council
Brick Wall Sculpture
Arts on Broadway
Downtown Sugarcreek, Ohio

Panel 2 - Brick, Clay and Coal

Belden Brick has been a major manufacturer since 1885: bricks used in the Brick Wall Sculpture have been carved and fired at Plant #6. If one looks carefully, one will find the names of the types of brick used in the Wall, information about the personnel in charge at Plant #6, the names of the Brick Wall Sculpture Committee, a self-portrait of the artist at work and the theme for the Brick Wall Sculpture project, “Preserving the Past for the Future.” A drive down Route 39 will take you by the Belden plants and the original Finzer Bros. smokestacks and beehive kilns. In the background one will see the Belden offices in Canton and many of the various kinds of equipment used in the production of bricks. Bricks, clay and coal still remain vital assets to the community.