Community Arts Council
Brick Wall Sculpture
Arts on Broadway
Downtown Sugarcreek, Ohio

Panel 4 - Swiss Culture

Sugarcreek is known as the Little Switzerland of Ohio and celebrates its heritage during the Ohio Swiss Festival. Immigrants from Switzerland brought many traditions which are represented in this panel (alphorn, Cow Parade, Schwingfest—Swiss wrestling.) Geraniums in window boxes and Swiss flags line the streets downtown. The Edelweiss, a flower native to Switzerland, is represented in many of the decorative elements of the buildings and in the Swiss trim of the costumes.   Swiss architecture can be seen throughout the village and community and during the Swiss Festival many residents wear traditional costumes. The Swiss Festival has the longest running Steinstossen (stone throwing) competition in the US--since 1956. The Matterhorn, the highest mountain in Switzerland, is featured in the background. Look for the name, “Swiss Hilltoppers,” a local band that played Swiss music for events in the area for many years. Be certain also to visit the World’s Largest Cuckoo Clock on the square in downtown Sugarcreek across from the Brick Wall Sculpture.