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Downtown Sugarcreek, Ohio

Panel 5 - Baltic

Though Baltic (first called Rowville after Lewis Row, the founder, who bought the entire piece of land called Section V from Jacob Gonter) didn’t officially become a village until 1848, it began as early as 1832 with a number of houses scattered along the early Indian Buffalo Trail. In the early years, Rowville was a stop on the Port Washington Road, as it is halfway between Port Washington and Millersburg. In 1874 the name was changed to Buena Vista or "beautiful view." The railroad was built in 1880 and was a major asset to the area. A flour mill thrived and has been available for tours. The town chose the name Baltic in 1883 and it was incorporated as the Village of Baltic in 1903. Baltic too has a museum which is housed in the lower floor of the Baltic Bank, which was founded by Henry Gerber (pictured) in 1902. The log cabin represented in the panel is located along SR 93. There the Historical Society regularly holds festivities with activities and food reminiscent of days gone by. Take note of the baseball players in the upper right of the panel, for many baseball games take place at the Baltic Park. The playground for children is also represented as well as a Baltic High School band member who used to march down the hill from the school, turn around at the fire station and then march back up the hill.