Community Arts Council
Brick Wall Sculpture
Arts on Broadway
Downtown Sugarcreek, Ohio

Panel 8 - Dundee

Dundee was established in 1847. The area is known for its stone quarries--five at one point in time, one of which is still in operation today! One local tradition is the yearly Klein Family Egg Hunt and it attracts hundreds of children and their parents. The original Dundee School was built in 1861. The present school is also pictured. A log house, which still exists and is one of the first in the county, is depicted in the panel. Can you find it? The fire truck represents the community’s protection of the village and surrounding area. The beautiful Dundee Falls, a state-protected wildlife area, is located nearby. The Dundee area is a free resource available to the public for many types of outdoor recreation including hiking, rock climbing, archery and photography. Come and enjoy the great outdoors.