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Follow the rules of professional style play or simply enjoy an active game for fun family DC Foosball Cup Hosted by DC Social Sports ClubDC Foosball sponsored by Buffalo Billiards, Corona, and Washington CityPaper.

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Most American foosball tables use this system, though the 1 man goalie system used to be more prevalent in the United States.

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It was played on a Spanish style table and, according to Kathy Brainard, co author with Johnny Loft of The Complete Book of Foosball and past president of the United States Table Soccer Federation, “If the tournament is run on a Spanish made table and has the best players from wherever that table can be found, then it could honestly be called the World Championship of Foosball, on that specific table.

The only time that a player may call a table maintenance time out during a match would be in the case of a sudden alteration to the table, such as a broken man, broken screw, crumbling bumper, bent rod, etc. If a player figure is broken while in contact with the ball, an official time out will be declared while the rod is fixed. Play will resume on the rod where the player figure broke. If the table lighting fails, play shall immediately stop at that point as though an official time out were called. Routine maintenance, such as spraying the rods, etc. , should only be done during time outs and between games.

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