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A reset call does not count as jarring infraction, however, repeated offenses may be grounds for the official present to call a technical foul on the defensive player causing the reset.

Good situational leaders are able to adapt their style to do what is best for a company, a group project, or any type of organization.

Buy a tabloid and read it aloud to whoever is in the room with you Play nerf football or basketball Set up a beauty salon day at your house and have your friends bring one beauty tip or you can all change your hair color Crank up the music and dance in your pajamas Do crossword puzzles or a soduko puzzle Have a video game competition If you have a webcam send a video to Grandma or put it it up on Youtube Either take lessons or hire a belly dancer for your next party Get a blanket or sheet, and go somewhere you probably won't hurt yourself if you fall. Then have your friend hold one end of the sheet and start spinning so the blanket twists around you, then get your friend to pull his end of the blanket really hard and you should spin around till u run out of sheet. Go to disco night at your local bowling alley Pick winners off of American Idol and then bet household chores with each other to see who is right Have a carpet picnic Have a dinner that is focused around laughter Have a limbo contest Invent a new dance Pick a fun party idea then start planning the party what will the party invitations look like?What will you have for party appetizers Play Nintendo Wii or Xbox live Have a scary movie marathon Listen to classical music, lights off, lying on the floor, and take turns saying what it sounds like Jigsaw puzzle Nothing beats a Bollywood movie Cluedo Play foosball Play video games Scrabble Start a pillow fight Tell scary stories to each other Washable crayons are a wonderful invention. Pick a wall and invite friendsGames provide employees opportunities to develop relationships and can be short breaks, whole day events or a reptitive event. Scavenger hunts offer employees an opportunity to get some exercise and explore departments other than their own. Multiplayer video games that require teams to complete quests help build camaraderie, but consider setting up a break room rather than offering the games over the network so as not to distract employees who are not playing.

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Full control of entertainment, lights, shades, and temperature is at your fingertips from a sleek touch screen, remote, or smart device. Set the scene in your “man cave” with lights and music for a game of pool or foosball. If the doorbell rings while you’re enjoying a cocktail, check to see who’s at the door without having to move from your seat. This luxurious gated community in Whitefield is strategically located close to top rated educational institutions, healthcare facilities, major retails, five star hotels, premium restaurants and entertainment destinations, which places its residents at the very center of action. Connectivity options from Sumadhura Nandanam are abundant, with metro station at Hoodi which will soon be functional, one can travel from Hoodi to Byappanahalli in minutes. Also, easy access to Outer Ring Road extending all the way from the Silk Board Junction to Hebbal, and linking Electronic City to Whitefield.

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Want a real theater experience in your home?We can create a dedicated private cinema in which the environment is precisely designed and engineered to provide maximum movie and music enjoyment.

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The same idea can be said about how Nike acts as a company.