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I can’t say that Harvard made a great product with this foosball table, but it is a good option if you are looking for a foosball table for your kids. It is heavier than some Harvard foosball table models, but it is not as durable as it should be. PROSPVC Laminated fieldRobot style playersPowder coated, hollow steel rodsBall returns on both sides of the tableSturdy Pentagonal adjustable legs2 Soccer style sanctioned ballsCONSPriceAssemblingHarvard NXG Foosball TableNXG Harvard foosball table is inspired by French design which you can see in its appearance. That style is shown in the legs which are diagonal and there aren’t many foosball tables on the market that look like this one. The wooden design of the cabinet goes well with the black legs but you can see in that design it is not a tournament material. The players on the field are counterbalanced, which is great and you can control them with black plastic ergonomic handles. One thing I like about this foosball table is side ball return. Side ball return is better because is easier to catch a ball sideways since you stand there. The end ball return forces you to move around to get to the ball. PROSOK priceSmooth roller rod bearing system3/8 inch hardboardComfortable foosball handles5/8 in hollow steel rodsCounterweighed playersCONSFeatures• pilih game dengan cara ketik : V di kolom pilih berw• untuk memudahkan pencarian tekan tombol CTRL+F ketik• cek TOTAL game / size / dvd di pojok kanan atas akan oto• Silahkan isi data pembeli dibawah and rename excel in• email balik excel ini ke : order. • Lama pengisian tergantung antrian• pembayaran dilunasi sebelum HDD / DVD dikirim seller via• nama dan alamat penerima biar lengkap dan jelas• Dianjurkan menggunakan CFW and MM Terbaru dengan BDP• ID Kaskus : bigbrother.

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