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Tallac Lounge3982 60th St.

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Playsurface is 3/8 thick with screenprinted graphics using enamel for wear resistance.

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Guests return to their rooms in the evening to lit tea candles and soft music, and they can opt to have free breakfast served every morning in bed, on their patio, or anywhere on the grounds.

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" Chris Harrington sounds exasperated, like a man whose Chinese delivery order has resulted in two piping hot pepperoni pizzas. He hands me one of the offending spheres in question: a tabletop foosball, smooth and firm. I pinch the ball, squinting and turning; Harrington tilts his head and shoots an expectant look. Well, doctor?Patrick HrubyChris Harrington's wrists have the battle scars to show for his hours of foosball. Hmmm. Frankly, I have no idea what Harrington is talking about.

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