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In the case of the "Roll Over" shot, the rod will be considered to be grasped when on the wrist of the shooter. In an attempt to stay consistent with the way we have been ruling in the cases where a roll over shooter shoots as soon as he slides his wrist on the handle, this will be legal as long as it is not done in a distracting manner. The way this is ruled will be looked at by the officiating committee and possibly changed after the World Championships. The one second on the handle does not apply in singles except in the case of a set shot on the forward three row. The European style roll over straight: This is shot by making the play figure spin around while rolling the handle from your palm to you fingertips. It is most common with the European style front pin and a straight option on a pull shot.

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Green felt typically covers the table, making an excellent surface for any billiard sport.

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