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In the summer, sit under the soaring ceiling as the fans circulate the pure, clean Ozark air.

Shuffleboard is not just for cruises––check out Detroit’s Northern Lights Lounge for the best shuffleboard matches around.

A large high definition TV is a must for sports fans, mounted high on the wall, where players can keep an eye on the game. A media center equipped with the gaming system of choice provides hours of endless entertainment for video game enthusiasts. Independent Foosball PromotionsIt also features a game count scoring area. Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table is 30” wide by 56” in length by 36” in height. CORONA LIGHT SPONSORS $100000 TORNADO " FOOSBALL " TOURNAMENT IN LAS Tornado's " Tournament 3000" Foosball Table Back By Popular Demand 1 Man Goalie Option A step above the Tornado "Elite" tournament level. NetFoos Recent Foosball Tournaments Professional grade performance just got better.

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Foosball is a table game with little men on sticks that are used to kick a small ball into the opponent’s goal.

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Far from trying to imitate a football simulation like other games, Foosball Street Edition focus in being very accessible and easy to play, with many cool dribbles and simple action oriented mechanics.

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Changing the lateral speed or direction of the ball from the front or back of the man prior to passing the ball is considered to be an adjustment and is illegal.