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The professional staff can arrange everything from hot air balloon rides to pedicures on the guest room balconies.

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Google China Social Innovation Cup for College Students is designed to encourage youth to be agents of social change.

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Friends gather at their favorite bars to catch up, celebrate special occasions, and play the always entertaining bar games like pool, darts, and arcade classics.

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Perhaps you can match large to your favorite gameplay table to tie things together. Another option is to match the upholstery to other upholstery in your home decor, thus tying the spaces altogether and creating a flow in the home. Game Room Interior decor When it pertains to choosing home accessories and decor to accent the place, it's best to consult the individuals who use the room most often. Though you may have chosen to blend the furniture along with the other furniture on your property, you may want to be a bit more openThe hostel's main feature is its chill out lounge, which has lots of natural light pouring in from big picture windows, sleek, modern design with wooden plank accent walls, plenty of seating, a photo booth, a foosball table, and a pool table. Off to one side is a library with computer stations and lots of books. There's a huge rooftop terrace, and an on site Petanque Bar that serves pub fare, including burgers, nachos, pizza, and pasta, as well as cocktails.

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