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It means space will not be a problem if you are living in an apartment. Even if you want to move this table one place to another, you just need a friend to help you out as it weighs around 51 pounds. Coming back to its dimension, it has a playing surface of 49 inches long, 28 inches wide, and 11 inches high, which is pretty standard in contrast to the other foosball tables in the market. Now the best part is it looks really attractive in black or green. It will definitely increase the inner beauty of your apartment or your game room. The Whirlwind foosball table model was replaced in 2010 by the Tornado Sport foosball table.

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Xoso’s summer cornhole leagues begin in early June. You can register in teams or as a single. Registration fees include eight cornhole matches, an Xoso VIP Card, prizes, bar specials and more. Xoso is a Sacramento area sport and social league featuring cornhole, dodgeball, flag football and many other great games. The cornhole fun will take place Wednesday nights in the new bar in the back room at Alley Katz. With food and drink specials and 78 beers on tap, you just know it’s going be a great night. Radii 150 pronounced ray dee eye isn’t your run of the mill social networking group. Through sports and high energy activities, Radii 150 loves to bring people together to form new friendships. Last year, Radii put on a cornhole league throughout the year at various area establishments including Roseville Brewing Company and Legends at Woodcreek Golf Course. This year, there will be less tournament play and more of a focus on single day events. With events like food truck mania at McKinley Park in early May, the Rocklin Community Festival on May 17th and many more planned in the upcoming months, there are plenty of chances to take part in the cornhole fun.

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